Jackie & Bernie

Congratulations to Jackie and Bernie who recently had a beautiful wedding here at RBI!  Jackie was a stunning bride as you can see–with exquisite taste.  Guests enjoyed three days of events…kicking off with a BBQ rehearsal dinner on Friday, the wedding festivities on Saturday, and concluding with a farewell brunch on Sunday.  Natalie Good with A Good Affair put everything together and the results speak volumes of her talent! Thank you to Kristi Klemens with KLK Photography for these amazing photos!  16_KLK_AGA_CABALLERO 41_KLK_AGA_CABALLERO_b

Gabby & Richard

123Gabby and Richard had a gorgeous black and white wedding with pops of color at RBI with the ceremony taking place on the North Lawn and the reception following in Bernardo Ballroom.  Kathy Wright designed the florals which were stunning and Lisa Lippe coordinated the details—with the bride’s sister Paige creating the vision with her exquisite taste and eye for detail.  The ballroom had a custom bar and lounge area for guests to relax and enjoy a view of the dance floor.  Thank you to Boyd Harris for providing the photos!





Happy Anniversary! Bethany and Keith were married at RBI two years ago…it was a beautiful wedding featuring coral tones.  All the best to the happy couple whose wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!  Molly Stark coordinated the elegant affair, and thank you to We Heart Photography for all of the lovely photos.

View More: http://sarafrance.pass.us/aliciaandmichael

Michael was visiting Vegas from Orange County for his 33rd birthday, and Alicia was there with her girlfriend for a weekend getaway from San Diego.

After circling Alicia while she was out of reach in the VIP section, Michael crossed paths with her after some carefully calculated timed planning.

Keeping her friend busy with champagne, Michael demonstrated only his best territorial peacock dance moves, eventually exchanging numbers; they went their separate ways for the night.

After speaking a few times on the phone, they found that they had mutual friends in common and met for a second time in Orange County on Alicia’s best friend’s, and now maid-of-honor, Constance’s birthday.

One week later Michael drove down to San Diego for their first official date on the day before Thanksgiving. He took her to dinner to Cafe Sevilla’s and they laughed a lot that night. From that night forward they were inseparable.

People had been asking when the Big Day was within the first year of being together. It became common for Michael to say that we were getting married, he just didn’t know when…

Thanksgiving has always been a very special holiday for Michael and Alicia. The trip to Cabo just happened to coincide with the “official” first date which was the day before Thanksgiving 2009.

With this in mind Michael called Alicia’s parents, David and Catie, got permission as well as advice on when to pop the question. Catie said to do it early and with that being said, he couldn’t have been more eager to get on one knee during the first sunset on a cliff overlooking the arches of Cabo San Lucas.

With the most romantic table reserved, the staff making everything perfect, an awaiting photographer, and even a telescope to view the rising moon. Tearing Michael proposed to Alicia as she accepted joyously laughing as he slipped the ring on her finger.

There are infinite possibilities when planning a wedding and many decisions that you will make to ensure that your wedding is perfect.  In the age of YouTube and the Internet, we have all seen some of the exciting things that can happen.  From unique proposals, to fun ceremony exits, cute father daughter dances to amazing first dances.  One of the places that some couples are choosing to showcase their personalities is in their first dance as husband and wife.  Below are a couple of fun videos that show what these Bride and Grooms creativity provided to their guests in attendance, a wedding memory that no one is going to forget.




The Catering Team would like to wish the following couples a Happy Anniversary and Cheers to many more to come!

11/1 – Karen & Jeffrey Mabesa (5 years) + Jessica & Mathew Taubman (5 years)

11/2 – Julia & Matthew Partridge (5 years) + Tera & Andy Ulbert (1 year)

11/3 – Elizabeth & Brian Gualta (1 year) + Jennifer & Victor Ramirez (1 year) + Tracy & Ryan Sandstrom (1 year)

11/4 – Swetha & Zach Arbuckle (1 year) + Jill & Andy Chilcoat (1 year)

11/5 – Cecilia & Yavuz Ozkan (2 years)

11/6 – Melissa & Ben Roberts (3 years)

11/7 – Jessica & John Crean (3 years) + Stephanie & Brandon Rivera (3 years)

11/8 – Alison & Zach Ries (5 years) + Mindy & Brad Lamprich (5 years) + Gail & Jeff Clarke (4 years)

11/10 – Megan & Aaron Szawielenko (1 year)

11/11 – Hayli & Mark Silber (2 years) + Julie & Clark Crider (2 years) + Marilyn & Anthony Miles (1 year)

11/12 – Ricki & Geoff Howell (2 years) + Erika & Bret Picciolo (2 years)

11/13 – Chivon & Arvind Probhakar (3 years) + Vanessa & Billy Grillo (3 years) + Lynda & Nick Seltun (3 years)

11/14 – Candice & Christian Calabria (5 years) + Roseanne & Jason Martin (4 years) + Phaedra & Chris Bussell (4 years)

11/15 – Rebecca & Joel Rebelo (5 years)

11/20 – Jessica & Allan Legaspi (3 years)

11/21 – Ashley & Derrick Bramwell (4 years)

11/27 – Punita & Paulman Vakil (4 years) + Megan & Jeff Schultz (3 years)

11/29 – Janice & Michael Torres (5 years)

Krista & Jason

The Story of how we met… as told by Jaysond:

On October 13, 2010, after a business meeting at UCSD, I decided to go for an early dinner at Daphne’s in an effort to avoid traffic. As I was enjoying my food, I vividly remember Krista walking through the door. I paused for little bit to take a quick look at her but my dish was so good that it pulled my attention back and I continued with my dinner. After a few bites, I looked up only to notice her handing a free meal voucher to the cashier, which I thought was adorable. Krista then ended up sitting a couple of seats down from where I was to wait for her order. This was when things got interesting… As she sat down looking at her phone, I couldn’t help but smile because I was attracted to the fact that she had somehow scored a free meal. After a minute or two, Krista and I made eye contact and smiled at each other. As nervous as I was, I asked her how her day was going. To my surprise, after our brief conversation, I discovered that it was her birthday. It was such a special way to meet. It turned out that she was on her way to a nice dinner, but had swung in to pick up lunch for the next day and use her birthday voucher. We went out once and kept in touch for a little while, but our timing was off and we lost touch. A year later, with only her first name and a few other details from our original date, I was able to find her on Facebook. This time the timing was right and after we became friends and started dating, we both quickly knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. It still amazes me how the Lord orchestrated our meeting, allowing us to meet at such a specific place and time. It’s such a blessing and we couldn’t be any happier. I thank the Lord for Krista every day and will forever cherish her.


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